Friday morning networking 20th Sept

What a beautiful morning to be out early. The sun was up, the drive to Gerrards Cross across Slough easy at this time of the morning.

We had two visitors today –

Moira Hamer and Anthony Jones and an interesting talk from Charles Fraser on how to pay for your care in old age. Some good advice and tips on things to watch out for if sorting this out for elderly relatives. 1. paying with your assets, 2. through the local council if you do not have enough in your assets to cover the costs or 3. through the NHS continuing health care.

One point that was stressed was that proper planning can get over some issues that the council will try. They will try their hardest to make sure they have the least amount of financial input into your care situation!

Karen Pawlowska was telling us about a new initiative from Sky TV, where small companies can now – through companies like TakeOne – do complete TV adverts aimed at specific target markets! Pretty amazing and a great opportunity to play against the more usual suspects of the big national companies. The targets can be on post code, number of children and a multitude of other categories…somewhat scary what these companies know about us, and thus what is used to target market us.

Great meeting and we are now in the planning stages of a Visitors day in November –

Next meeting is 4th October

Hypnotherapy – Subconscious Success

Date: 16th August 2019
Speaker: Ian Thomas
Business: Debt Talk
Topic: Hypnotherapy in business

“The most common request for hypnosis… is to cure a fear of public speaking”


3 key points

  1. Ignore TV hypnotists – these work upon the notion of ‘selection’ not ‘hypnosis’; the audience is rigorously screened beforehand to gauge ‘suggestibility’ and selected accordingly.
  2. Anybody can be hypnotised – nobody can be ‘made’ to do anything they don’t want to do – otherwise the conscious part of your mind will intervene. Hypnotism merely temporarily shuts down this conscious element.
  3. Your subconscious brain is the most powerful – it works 24/7, keeping all your involuntary bodily functions going (heart beating, lungs breathing…etc). We can lapse into this state whilst performing a routine task; e.g. driving the same way to work every day.


Hypnotism helps you to access your subconscious state of mind.

By doing so, hypnotism enables you to put aside the fears and doubts that routinely plague your conscious mind.


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Don’t just dream a dream – Plan it, Picture it, Post it!

Date: 16th August 2019
Speaker: Patricia Buckland
Business: Debt Talk
Topic: Financial Literacy & Planning

Picture your dreams

How do you plan for your dreams and make them a financial reality?


How to Achieve your Financial Goals – 7 steps:

  1. Define your Goals : a new house? exotic holiday? early retirement?
  2. Passion Test your Goals: score from 1-10, where 1 = no passion, versus 10 = total passion
  3. Name your Goals: be specific and creative; rather than just ‘Holiday’, try ‘Turtle diving in the Caribbean’ (or whatever takes your fancy!)
  4. Time Stamp your Goals: set a date
  5. Picture your Goals: create a ‘mood board’, with printed pictures; place this board where you can see it daily, such as next to your desk or downloaded onto your screensaver
  6. Create sub-accounts: to allow you to save for your specific goal
  7. Automate your Success: set up a direct debit/automatic transfer to your sub-account so you don’t have to remember yourself



The 7-step method [above] was authored by a US psychologist (Dr Brad Klontz) and represents a tried and tested psychological technique – to achieve a goal (or a dream) you need to write it down and visualise it in order to commit to it.

“If you write it down, you make it forces you to focus…and opportunities will come into your life.”

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Marry your skill with your will

Date: 2nd August 2019
Speaker: Ash Taylor
Business: In2out Business Growth Coach
Topic: Business growth and efficiency

Marry your skill with your will

What is stopping you from getting ahead with your business?

What are the ‘blocks’ that you encounter on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?


3 key points:

  1. Create a Skill/Will graph – label the horizontal axis ‘Skill’ and number it from 1 – 10 depending upon how good you are at a task (1 = rubbish, 10 = amazing!) and then do likewise for the vertical axis labelling that ‘Will’; i.e. how keen you are at doing that particular task.
  2. Plot daily tasks – e.g. Accounts – if you have neither the Skill nor the Will to do your own accounts, then that goes in the bottom left quadrant.
  3. Am I any good at it…do I like doing it? Identify the business-critical tasks over which you are procrastinating (low ‘Will’ level).


If you are afraid of failing at the things you find challenging, use the Skill/Will graph to identify what you are not good at.

From here, you can take steps to outsource these tasks from your business (or become more efficient at doing them), leaving you free to concentrate on the tasks where you can add value to your business.

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Is there such a thing as an Executive Snowflake?

Date: 2nd August 2019
Speaker: Roger Rawlinson
Business: Elite Coaching
Topic: Executive Coaching – Resilience

Is there such a thing as an Executive Snowflake?

In a word, yes.

Roger related the experiences of some of the middle-aged executive clients he had been coaching to illustrate that it’s not just the younger generation who have problems dealing with setbacks.

3 key points:

  1. Roger recently covered this topic of Resilience in his monthly blog (previous blogs included ‘Perfectionism’ and ‘Procrastination’).
  2. The best way of learning resilience is to fail…but it’s difficult to change one’s behaviour.
  3. “It’s not events but our opinions about them which cause us suffering” Epictetus, Greek philosopher


Executive high-flyers who have never previously experienced failure in their academic or professional careers are just as likely to suffer from a ‘lack of resilience’ when it comes to coping with adversity as the younger Millennial generation.

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Why a Blog at all?

How to make the most of your website SEO?
It is so important to keep adding content to your site and a Blog does that perfectly. Adding content increases your “usefulness” to your potential audience but also shows Google that you are actively working on your site so it increases in relevance.
A Blog is the first stage in your social media campaign…. by that I mean before you put anything on LinkedIn or Twitter etc it should be based on your Blog which is on your website… so any other social media can direct traffic back into your site where you have a better chance to convert.

Who is talking – Our next presentations

Every meeting we post out to the group who is doing the 5 minute talks.
This gives everyone a chance to see if they have any specific questions on any topics.
The topics covered are not a direct “sales” pitch to the group- because this is not what we are about!
What they should, and actually do cover, is aspects of that persons special area with hints and tips on how to operate or run your own business better.
We believe this is where we can help and add value to other members.