Meetings On Zoom

Todays meeting had two very interesting talks from members – Emma and Roger.

Emma took us through the uses of great photography in your social media – from websites to posts, headshots to selfies – she also got us to take a selfie and post it, adding a little bit of spontaneity and personality to life.

Roger gave us insights into the issues around HR currently, with one hot topic of hybrid working and the pitfalls of letting the workforce decide what they want to do vs management telling the staff what will happen. There are definite splits in what different groups want – younger worker seem to want to get back to the office for the social/learning aspects, the older staff want to stay at home, cut out the boring commuting etc.

Will there be an easy answer? Probably not!

Morning Networking

The meeting this morning was as much fun as useful. We had a talk on “word of the year” by Matt our resident copywriter – who is making us think of the word that we think will project our businesses in 2021 – very thought provoking.

Olly gave us a really interesting look at the way his company is moving into 2021 with new emphasis on the individual nature of his clients and not trying to have a one size fit all solution, or even boxes they fit into. Yes, we are all slightly different and thats worth considering for us all.

Good to see our three visitors and hope to see Jas, Dan and Wayne again soon.

Networking locally – probably better than you think!

Cross Reference is a group meeting in Gerrards Cross but currently online with Zoom.

We have a laugh, chew the fat and discuss issues as well as pass business and experiences around the group.

Today we had a short talks from Emma and Matt.

Matt is into writing…. copyrighting amongst his many talents – “less is more” should be his tagline.

He gave us an insight into Creative Writing today:-

  1. Start somewhere – don’t over think it
  2. You never have to start from scratch – use a “swipe file” and store away bits you find to use later
  3. Keep to the “why” and not the “what” in your writing
  4. Think laterally – think around the problems/topics rather than through them
  5. solve it when you walk, easier than watching a blank screen.

Emma is an award winning local photographer who has International clients as well as local ones.

She gave us yet another inspirational chat on what she has been up to in these difficult days… Does she ever sit still!

One thing she has done is diversify her business and take it online with these strategies:-

  1. Pre book online
  2. Sell vouchers
  3. Webinars
  4. Online courses

Through her online marketing of her Personal Brand and her Business Brand she takes these messages out there.

Her final thought was “Start NOW – feel the fear but move beyond it”

Excellent meeting and I personally learnt something, passed on a lead to another member and had a laugh!

Do you want to come along to find out how we can help you and your business? Drop me a message or email [email protected]

OK Our Kids

‘OK Our Kids’ is a charity, founded in November 2013

Our mission is to help our young children deal confidently with the challenges and dangers of staying safe at home, school and in the community: to empower them with the skills they need to face everyday situations knowing what is the right thing to do and leading others by their example. We aim to achieve success in our mission through educational partnerships with schools, businesses, and community and parent groups.

‘OK Our Kids’ was the inspired idea of Claire Annison, a serving Police Officer with Thames Valley Police, and Tony Churchill, a former Police Community Support Officer. Through their work in Primary Schools and the wider Community, Claire and Tony saw the need for a new initiative to develop resources specifically designed to educate, inform and empower primary school children to stay safe in the community and on-line. ‘OK Our Kids’ also provides help, guidance and counselling to families that have already been affected by events involving child safety and protection.


Member: Tony Churchill

Telephone: 0785 4444 775


Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @OK_OurKids


Linked In:

Allan Janes Solicitors

We are a leading commercial firm of Solicitors in High Wycombe offering specialist advice in Business Law, Property, Litigation and Employment. Our constant aim is to deliver value by offering pragmatic and cost-effective advice. We accept that each client will have their own individual requirements, and are happy to take the time to get to know our clients, and understand their goals.

Member: Ross Marvin

Tel: 01494 893552


[testimonial company=”CMC Partnership” author=”Martin Rowe” image=””]
“I hired Ross Marvin of Allan Janes LLP, Solicitors to undertake a complex property related
transaction. Throughout he was quite simply superb and I have no hesitation in recommending
his work”.

Steve Howell

Brick laying, conservatories, extensions, plastering, patios, garden walls, refurbishments, etc. No job too small.

Member: Steve Howell

Tel: 020 8561 0673

Mobile: 07956 393724


[testimonial company=”Allan Janes LLP, Solicitors” author=”Ross Marvin” image=””]
Steve Howell of Man with a Trowel did an excellent job in rebuilding my garden wall and it looks as good as new

Hearnden-Smith and Daughters Funeral Directors

Our family, caring for your family, when you need it the most; Funerals, Memorials and Pre-paid Funeral Plans.

Member: Suzanne Hearnden-Smith

Hatch End: 020 8421 2202

Harefield: 01895 822979



[testimonial company=”pHFD Limited” author=”Peter Hollingsworth”]
When my next door neighbour’s father died I suggested he call Suzanne of Hearnden and Daughters Funeral Directors. He was delighted with the introduction and praised their outstanding, compassionate and friendly service to the whole family at a difficult time.

DS Chiltern

Telephone and communication specialists, we have been supporting micro to medium sized businesses for over 30 years.  We can advise and help you with all your voice and data, VoIP, internet, telephone line, leased line and cloud application needs, and offer a free friendly helpdesk.

Member: Mark Wilson

Tel: 01753 480080



[testimonial company=”Wardour Investments” author=”John Grieve”]
A year ago we moved offices and needed telephones and computer terminals urgently. Mark Wilson of Datasharp not only offered us better terms than BT but managed to get our
system installed and up and running very quickly.