This mornings presentations

Todays meeting had three guests attending – Marie Massaquoi, Damaris Sende and Justin Megawarne – so good to hear what you are all up to .

We had Steve Groves from Take One Business Communications going a little off his usual topic but giving us hints and tips on how to put a presentation together. Some great tips that translate well to use on websites as well, from keeping things simple in text size, font and colours and of course remembering what your key takeaway point of the presentation is!

Tim Brooker at Beyond Numbers was talking about using your company values to get involved in adding value and impact to the outside world. Signing up to for instant to use the values you hold to help others and promote this to potential clients and the benefits of doing that.

Really good fun meeting as usual – what a great group of people who genuinely make me laugh, add value to my work and the business.

Next meeting is July 2nd so why not come along!

2 thoughts on “This mornings presentations

  1. Glad you found @stevegroves presentation useful, there are indeed many synergies between video, web and design with regards to giving clear, memorable messages. My pet hates are when fonts are too small to read without magnifying followed by the use of too many words per frame.

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