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Roger Rawlinson, Founder of Elite Coaching

Do you have an issue with the performance of one of your employees?
Do you need to restructure but don’t know where to start?
Do you need to update your employment or freelance contracts?

Here at Elite Coaching and HR we will help you with all your HR and employment needs, from recruitment to redundancy, from absence to appraisals. And we won’t charge you to talk through with you an issue for reassurance or to get on the right track.

Just ring me on the number below.

Member: Roger Rawlinson

Telephone: 07917201555

Website: www.elitecoaching.uk.net

Email: roger@elitecoaching.uk.net

Debt Talk

Patricia Buckland is the founder of Debt Talk, Financial Strategist.

I teach Financial Literacy, which means I talk about personal money management. As a BACP Person-Centred Counsellor and Qualified Tutor I work with my clients to support them have a healthier relationship with their money.

Working as Founder of Debt Talk I have gained the following experience: Financial Literacy and Capability resource, design and delivery including Workshops and 1 2 1 and eLearning including statistics and reports.

Member: Patricia Buckland

Telephone: 07749287087

Website: www.debt-talk.com

Email: patricia@debt-talk.com

Meeting Friday 6th

Today’s meeting had an extended talk from Una King who discussed why tracking down all your old pensions is so important as unclaimed pensions are more common than you might think. Also covered was the importance of the state pension which is overlooked by many but at about £8,000 a year the pension pot you would have to accumulate to provide this would be over £250,000 ! Una is available to go over this at any point, just contact her.

Roz Lee from Rennie Grove Hospice Care talked about the great Supporting Hands Project:-

Our Supporting Hands service offers supportive companionship, including practical and emotional assistance to our patients and their carers in the south Buckinghamshire area. The Supporting Hands service is available both to our patients with a life-limiting illness and their carers. We can provide support both at home and on trips out.

Yet another amazing way that this charity supports people.

Sally Hindmarch offered us 2 excellent pieces of advice – 1. You can’t change people’s behaviour but you can change the way you approach them to get a better result. 2. If you make a request from people ensure you tell them “why” this is an important request, this helps them to understand the reasons behind what you are saying.

Great talks and as ever great advice!

Next meeting is 20th July at 7.15am in the Bull Hotel Gerrards Cross

Una King


Phone Mob: 07500 931773

Website www.unaking.co.uk

Beyond Numbers Ltd

Beyond Numbers mission is to serve ambitious businesses with real time information so they can act with confidence, make smart decisions more quickly to grow with their business year on year.

The reality is that too many business owners simply do not know what area of their business is making the most profit, whether their marketing investment is adding any value and what steps they really need to focus on in order to reach their goals.

Our focus is on utilising the latest cloud technology so management accounts become a natural habit, informative and geared towards understanding and taking positive action to develop and grow.

Business forecasting is a proven method to help companies measure and grow. We look to take you to the next level by showing you what the future entails using different scenario’s so that you can measure the impact of the decisions you make today…

On top of that, we work with you to measure a specific KPI (Key Performance Indicators) portfolio including non-financial metrics as these will sway the destiny of your business.. This will mean you get to focus and manage the areas of YOUR business that RESULT in the maximum impact.

Email Tim Brooker

OK Our Kids

‘OK Our Kids’ is a charity, founded in November 2013

Our mission is to help our young children deal confidently with the challenges and dangers of staying safe at home, school and in the community: to empower them with the skills they need to face everyday situations knowing what is the right thing to do and leading others by their example. We aim to achieve success in our mission through educational partnerships with schools, businesses, and community and parent groups.

‘OK Our Kids’ was the inspired idea of Claire Annison, a serving Police Officer with Thames Valley Police, and Tony Churchill, a former Police Community Support Officer. Through their work in Primary Schools and the wider Community, Claire and Tony saw the need for a new initiative to develop resources specifically designed to educate, inform and empower primary school children to stay safe in the community and on-line. ‘OK Our Kids’ also provides help, guidance and counselling to families that have already been affected by events involving child safety and protection.


Member: Tony Churchill

Telephone: 0785 4444 775

Website: www.okourkids.org.uk

Email: tonychurchillokourkids@outlook.com

Twitter: @OK_OurKids

Facebook: www.facebook.com/OKOurKids

Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/tony-churchill-a6801a141/

Rennie Grove Hospice Care

Rennie Grove is a registered charity offering support to local adults and children diagnosed with cancer and other life limiting illnesses and their families, through our 24/7 hospice at home service and range of family support services. I am a corporate fundraiser for the charity and am dedicated to developing mutually beneficial partnerships with local business.



Member: Roz Lee

Telephone: 01442 820731

Website: renniegrove.org

Take One Business Communications

We make business videos that no matter the subject are meaningful and get your message across to your audience in a memorable way.

People like to watch video on the web and video will help a business to get found more easily on search engine results listings. However, if what the view then sees doesn’t meet their expectations of a business, they will simply go elsewhere.  A high-quality video engages your audience,  supporting your brand by clearly demonstrating your expertise, reinforcing your brand values and desired image. Take One TV helps you to frame your key messages as part of a marketing and communications plan, so that they engage the viewer and encourage them to do business with you.

Member: Karen Pawlowska
Tel: 01494 898919
Web: www.takeonetv.com

Allan Janes Solicitors

We are a leading commercial firm of Solicitors in High Wycombe offering specialist advice in Business Law, Property, Litigation and Employment. Our constant aim is to deliver value by offering pragmatic and cost-effective advice. We accept that each client will have their own individual requirements, and are happy to take the time to get to know our clients, and understand their goals.

Member: Ross Marvin

Tel: 01494 893552

Web: allanjanes.com

[testimonial company=”CMC Partnership” author=”Martin Rowe” image=”http://m1.c.lnkd.licdn.com/mpr/mpr/shrink_200_200/p/2/005/008/187/3da0835.jpg”]
“I hired Ross Marvin of Allan Janes LLP, Solicitors to undertake a complex property related
transaction. Throughout he was quite simply superb and I have no hesitation in recommending
his work”.