Roger Rawlinson and the need for safeguarding

Roger gave us a talk at the meeting today on the need to safeguard staff and whistle-blowers within a business. He explained that in his experience, when dealing with staffing issues it is always better to get a difficult discussion kicked off before it turns into an impossible conversation.

‘Encourage people to express their concerns informally before the proverbial molehill becomes a mountain….’

All companies should have some idea of the procedures required to ensure their staff are able to voice concerns; once concerns are voiced then it’s equally important that there is an agreed process for dealing with the issue that respects all parties.

‘Deal with concerns in a way that is respective and not seen as dimissive.’

Roger’s business, Elite Coaching, offers HR Consultancy Services with an emphasis on change and organisational development. Roger is always happy to give advice on Human Resources issues and his experience over many years speaks volumes!

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