Ash Taylor and stepping up your game

Ash Taylor gave us a great example of how important it is to be around people who are often better than you are, simply because it pushes you to be better. Sometimes top managers surround themselves with “yes” people who will never push them, this means actions will not get questioned and stunts growth. It’s far better to encourage an environment where people feel able to raise questions; as a result everyone tends to work better and more efficiently.

Being positive and not overthinking things is something to be aware of because the important thing is to prevent progress paralysis: action is what takes you forward.

‘Just do it….what’s the worse that can happen!’

Obviously, these suggestions do not hold true for some jobs; for instance, I don’t think anyone would feel comfortable if pilots or dentists took the ‘Just do it…’ attitude when flying a plane or working on our teeth! However, there are many occasions where relaxing rigid control can enhance your business.

‘Letting people have responsibility helps them to learn and grow….’

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