The Word according to AVI Support (in 3 brochures)

Date: 3rd January 2020
Speaker: Justin Leese
Business: AVI Support

Topic: 2020 Product Range

“Chairs are a pain to sell – everybody wants to try them out for themselves!”


1990: AVI Support started off life as a stationery company; stationery accounted for 100% of its revenues

2019: Nowadays, AVI Support largely furnishes and fits out offices; stationery accounts for less than 10% of its revenues, the bulk being Audio Visual (AV) 65% and Furniture 25%.

Product range

AVI Support’s product range is available both online and hard copy (brochures). There are 3 main brochures, depending on what you’re looking for, and the 2020 editions are hot off the press!

  • Bible: 20,000 products
  • New Testament: 7,500 products (a slimmed down version with the most popular products from ‘The Bible’)
  • Furniture: 700 products


AVI Support is the one-stop-shop for everything an office might need, from paper clips to projectors.

As a family-run business, whilst prices are always competitive, the focus remains on service and client care.

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