Emma Hollings on Photo Efficiency – Recognise, Recall, Recycle

EH Photography

Date: Friday 1st May 2020

Speaker: Emma Hollings

Business: EH Photography Services

Topic: Self-Promotion

1. Photo Efficiency – Recognise, Recall, Recycle

“Your outfit needs to be recognisable in a busy coffee shop”

  • Find an outfit that captures your personality and helps you to stand out from the crowd
  • You need to wear something you are comfortable with and will make you want to use & share your photographs

2. Recall – Social Media crossover: public to personal

“All that visibility work is really paying dividends” [Photo Profile client]

  • Use your personal profile to promote your private business
  • It’s not all about hard sell, especially during lockdown when so many businesses are struggling for money
  • Consider putting out ‘Top Tips’ or ‘How To Guides’ for your area of expertise – if people have learnt from you, experience shows that they will come back to you at a later date

3. Recycle – Don’t rewrite, recycle your content

  • The Pyramid Effect
    • Extract the audio from a video and you can make a podcast
    • Divide the audio into sections and you can have 3-5 blogs
    • Highlight key phrases from the blogs and you can have 5-10 social media posts
  • Match the photos to the appropriate content

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