Nobleword – Blog tips n tricks

Date: 18th October 2019
Speaker: Matt Wright
Business: Nobleword
Topic: Copywriting – Tips n Tricks for Blog Writing

3 key points

1. Think like a reporter

• Always start with a good hook – this means spending some time thinking about your title.
• Connect with the reader’s emotions – don’t be overly descriptive, be dramatic!

For example:

ARRESTING TITLE: “Boris Johnson’s BREXIT strategy is straight out of Nixon’s Cold War playbook”

1-SENTENCE SUMMARY: Game theory can teach us a lot about Johnson’s Brexit negotiating strategy.

So, the arresting title grabs the reader’s attention (dramatic!) then the first thing they read is the 1-sentence summary regarding what the blog is about (descriptive).

2. Be topical

Give your blog a context for the reader to identify with and relate back to your product/service.

For example:

• Time of year (Hallowe’en, Valentine’s Day, Easter)
• Sporting-related (Rugby World Cup, Premiership Football)
• Weather-related (Autumn, Thunderstorms)
• Politically-related (OK, maybe not BREXIT!)
If your business is particularly seasonally based, consider having an evergreen blog pre-written; i.e. one that you can adapt every single year; e.g. 5 Things You Didn’t Know about Hallowe’en (if you’re in the retail trade).

3. Start with a Bang!

• Be punchy and concise
• Put your main argument upfront
• Don’t be afraid of being provocative, assertive, or short on detail….you can expand upon this later on.


“Remember your angles…always keep in mind how you need to engage with your audience.”

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