Is there such a thing as an Executive Snowflake?

Date: 2nd August 2019
Speaker: Roger Rawlinson
Business: Elite Coaching
Topic: Executive Coaching – Resilience

Is there such a thing as an Executive Snowflake?

In a word, yes.

Roger related the experiences of some of the middle-aged executive clients he had been coaching to illustrate that it’s not just the younger generation who have problems dealing with setbacks.

3 key points:

  1. Roger recently covered this topic of Resilience in his monthly blog (previous blogs included ‘Perfectionism’ and ‘Procrastination’).
  2. The best way of learning resilience is to fail…but it’s difficult to change one’s behaviour.
  3. “It’s not events but our opinions about them which cause us suffering” Epictetus, Greek philosopher


Executive high-flyers who have never previously experienced failure in their academic or professional careers are just as likely to suffer from a ‘lack of resilience’ when it comes to coping with adversity as the younger Millennial generation.

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