Marry your skill with your will

Date: 2nd August 2019
Speaker: Ash Taylor
Business: In2out Business Growth Coach
Topic: Business growth and efficiency

Marry your skill with your will

What is stopping you from getting ahead with your business?

What are the ‘blocks’ that you encounter on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?

3 key points:

  1. Create a Skill/Will graph – label the horizontal axis ‘Skill’ and number it from 1 – 10 depending upon how good you are at a task (1 = rubbish, 10 = amazing!) and then do likewise for the vertical axis labelling that ‘Will’; i.e. how keen you are at doing that particular task.
  2. Plot daily tasks – e.g. Accounts – if you have neither the Skill nor the Will to do your own accounts, then that goes in the bottom left quadrant.
  3. Am I any good at it…do I like doing it? Identify the business-critical tasks over which you are procrastinating (low ‘Will’ level).


If you are afraid of failing at the things you find challenging, use the Skill/Will graph to identify what you are not good at.

From here, you can take steps to outsource these tasks from your business (or become more efficient at doing them), leaving you free to concentrate on the tasks where you can add value to your business.

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