If a picture is worth a thousand words…what would a video cost?

Date: 21st February 2020
Speaker: Karen Pawlowska
Business: Take One
Topic: Videography

“I’d really like a video…but I’m sure it would cost too much…wouldn’t it?”

No, it really wouldn’t!

However, seeing is believing, so have a look at these three client videos, which varied in price from £600 to £2,500, and see if you can predict the cost of each? (*)


#1 Animated video https://youtu.be/SQhTg-47J3U

BACKGROUND: If you are a company, and need to explain an idea, or want to educate in a fun way, then animated videos are ideal.

CLIENT: An accounting company wanted to explain the attractions of cloud accounting software, without being too technical and boring.

#2 Standard video https://youtu.be/I3utjKL3Lc0

BACKGROUND: A video which utilises your most valuable asset – your staff – means that all the content is already there…we just have to capture it on video.

CLIENT: Take One spent 3 days’ filming volunteers down at Slough Community Project in a 3-minute video to showcase the benefits and results of investing in local community projects. The video was launched at SBCP’s first Congress and then used to promote the partnership on line.

#3 Complex video – with stock images + music https://youtu.be/qjmasmUPCPY

BACKGROUND: When it comes to corporate branding, a video complete with stock images and music will convey a professional image, especially in a competitive market. This project is part of a series of wellbeing programmes for educational professionals and is used to highlight both the challenges and the successes of what they do.

CLIENT: The Art of Brilliance, Brilliant Schools – it took 3 days of planning and 4 days of post-production.

“I love videoing people…I love seeing what makes them tick.”

Karen Pawlowska, Take One

 (*) Not that difficult! Video #1 was the cheapest at £600, and #3 the most expensive at £2,500