Explanations always beat Exclamations!

Date: 1st November 2019
Speaker: Sally Hindmarch
Business: Partners with you
Topic: Communication – Explaining what you do

3 key points

  1. Instructions alone = commands: people may passively comply (especially if you’re in a position of authority), but they won’t understand ‘why’ and so won’t be engaged.

  • Put on this coat.
  • Put on this mask.
  • Put on these gloves.


2. Instructions + explanations = engagement: people will understand what they’re being asked to do…which means they are more apt to actively comply and provide feedback to enhance the process.

  • Please put on this coat – because we want to see whether your new overalls will fit properly?
  • Could you try on this mask – because we want to check that your new safety googles are OK?
  • See how these gloves fit – because we want to ensure they provide adequate protection for you.


3. Engagement + Encouragement = results: this is where employee engagement is at its most effective.

Employees want to feel connected to the business they work for and know that the work they put in every day is meaningful and valued.

When employees are fully engaged, they feel there is a direct correlation between themesleves and the success of the business – they are emotionally invested in the business and will go the extra mile for it.



“When people are financially invested they want a return; when they are emotionally invested they want to contribute”

The benefits of engagement are not just confined to larger businesses – they can easily be replicated on an individual basis, in terms of dealings with suppliers, clients, or colleagues.

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