Visitors’ Day: They came, they saw, they breakfasted…and will hopefully come back for seconds!

Friday 15th Nov 2019: Cross Reference Visitors’ Day

All networking groups profess themselves to be ‘friendly’…but are they really?

  • Do they go out of their way to welcome visitors (after all, networking groups do always require ‘new blood’)?
  • Do they network with them (sounds basic, but true)?
  • Do they ‘put on a good show’?

Here at Cross Reference, we’d like to think that we live by our values – hence our Visitors’ Days.

We aim to hold 2 of these a year – in Spring and Autumn – to demonstrate what Cross Reference is about and how visitors might benefit from becoming members.


Attendees for Nov-19 Visitors’ Day:

  • Chris Higgs (Travel Consultant) – The Travelling Experience
  • Tanya Dickinson (Virtual PA) – Platinum PA
  • Chris Bantock (Digital Marketeer) – Be Digital
  • James Constable (Solicitor) – BP Collins
  • Andrew Davidson (Windows & Conservatories) – Three Counties Ltd
  • Tom Woodhead (Design & Fit-out) – Image Interior Systems
  • Darren Head (Electrician) – Limitless Electrical
  • Charles McClelland (Business Advisor) – Icon Business Solutions
  • Donna Wilkinson (Business Development Officer) –  Bucks Council

Own your niche

At Cross Reference we have a saying,  ‘Own your niche’, which means 1 person per business in Cross Reference.

However, even if you think your area of expertise might already be covered, please do ask us first as there are often subtle differences between businesses in the same industry. This means that a number of people from the same profession can happily co-exist in Cross Reference; e.g. there are many different types of legal professionals – criminal, divorce, trademark…etc.


Next Visitors’ Day – March/April 2020 – to be announced