Olly Denhard: Buy cheap, buy twice!

Date: 6th March 2020
Speaker: Olly Denhard
Business: IT Trouble Free
Topic: IT solutions


Olly recounted the story of a real-life client who had run into computing difficulties. They had bought the cheapest computers on the market and, with nobody in charge, had attempted to link them across 6 remote sites using a mishmash of software and with nobody in overall control.


1. Cost-cutting – the policy had been to buy cheapest…regardless!
2. Data issues – data collaboration & ownership were either ill-defined or non-existent.
3. User competency – compromised by a miss mash of different systems running a wide variety of software.


1. PC’s upgraded – it would have been cheaper to have bought better spec PCs at the outset….but hey ho!
2. Office 365 installed across all PCs – with additional training from IT Trouble Free on the tools available (e.g. Microsoft Teams), user connectivity improved drastically.
3. Old data silo’d or destroyed – essential data was transferred over from redundant programmes and non-essential data was deleted so as not to spill over into the new systems.


1. Remote access – users are now able to log on remotely + IT Trouble Free can service, update and provide help remotely.
2. Establishment of a Corporate Data Policy.
3. Site specific storage – with 8 separate offices, an element of flexibility was required storage-wise.


If the company had bought through IT Trouble Free in the first place, they would have saved themselves a lot of grief, lost productivity and (in most likely) a significant sum of money.

Motto: Buy cheap, buy twice…or even more!