Quiz n Chips: The Total raised was…

Quiz n Chips Evening: Friday 8th Nov, Royal British Legion Marlow

Well, what a close-run affair that turned out to be! After 80 questions, including 2 picture rounds, only four points separated the top three teams, with the Brain Sturgeons running out winners by a short head (or a gill?)

Rennie Grove is Cross Reference’s chosen charity and Steve Brehm (Corporate Fundraising Manager for Rennie Grove) spoke for a few minutes before the start of hostilities (I mean the Quiz!) about how important fund-raising is for Rennie Grove and what it helps them to achieve.

With that in mind…drum roll…

Total raised £530.94


So, thanks to all those who attended, to the winners, and in particular, those Cross Reference members who organised the event:

  • Una King (Overall Boss & Cake Sponsor)
  • Matt Wright (Planning, logistics, and general underling)
  • Emma Hollins (Question Mistress and Photography)


Same time again next year? 

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