I am a LinkedIn Profiler, trainer author and public speaker. I work with individuals from 18 - 80 and small teams. My profile Audit report is at the centre of what I do and it shows the client where they are currently against the algorithm and trends. It then shows them how to go from where they are to where they need to be. This is followed up by an implementation session to get them to the point where they see massive changes to their engagement.

I also run Workshops be it inhouse or open and have written "Little Book of LinkedIn"

I am also a public speaker, speaking at Expos and large networking groups. I also starting to use my voice in another way and that is as a voice-over artist, so if you need a voice for your online course, promotional video or virtual tour then please get in contact.

Also a networking specialist I love helping businesses of all sizes get more out of their activities and also connecting them together

Member: Tony K Silver

Telephone: 07817 827422

Website: https://www.solidsilversolutions.com/

Email: Tony@solidsilversolutions.com