What I do

I am a copywriter and I specialise in telling stories; short ones, long ones...even tall ones! In short, whatever the client demands — the point is to create a message which is clear, catchy and concise.

Beware the goldfish!

These days in particular, readability is everything. I'm not sure if the goldfish/online reader story regarding 5-second attention spans is strictly true, but creating and crafting memorable unique selling points is more important now than ever before.

Financial background, Creative foreground

My background in finance affords me a structured approach to writing marketing copy with a focus upon achieving a return on investment.

Combine this with a love of literature, a wide range of writing experience and an obsession with good grammar, and there you have it. Me.

Testimonials, Referrals & Case Studies

Please do check out my portfolio at my Nobleword website.

Contact details

Matthew Wright: Nobleword
34 Magnolia Dene
High Wycombe
HP15 7QE

Landline: 01494 441862

Member: Matthew Wright

Telephone: 07500 531485

Website: http://www.nobleword.co.uk

Email: [email protected]