I'm a copyeditor, proof-reader, and consistency editor.
It’s my mission to help organisations craft written content that gets them deservedly perceived as trustworthy experts in their field.
Step one, I suggest, should be to develop an editorial style guide. I can help with that. An editorial style guide is a document or online resource that sets out rules and guidance on how you write about your organisation, writing style, spelling, grammar and syntax, capitalisation and punctuation, sector-specific words and phrases, and more.
Following a style guide helps writers to achieve a high level of correctness and consistency.
And it makes the editor's job more objective and less "I wouldn't have put it like that". It helps to eliminate futile debate on points of English usage. And it saves time (and budget) that might otherwise be wasted on umpteen revisions of everything.
I can help a company to compile and maintain a custom style guide. I also offer a consistency editing service. That's where an organisation has a large amount of external or internal documentation that's been collated over time and comes from different authors with different voices, different styles, and even different ways of spelling; and the content needs more work to make it seem like it all belongs together.
I'm eager to work with companies, in any sector, that are big enough to have multiple content authors but probably not so big that they have their own in-house corporate communications team (although I have also successfully worked with corp comms teams).

Member: John Clifford

Telephone: 01494 483105

Website: https://cliffordandco.uk/

Email: [email protected]