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Beyond Numbers mission is to serve ambitious businesses with real time information so they can act with confidence, make smart decisions more quickly to grow with their business year on year.

The reality is that too many business owners simply do not know what area of their business is making the most profit, whether their marketing investment is adding any value and what steps they really need to focus on in order to reach their goals.

Our focus is on utilising the latest cloud technology so management accounts become a natural habit, informative and geared towards understanding and taking positive action to develop and grow.

Business forecasting is a proven method to help companies measure and grow. We look to take you to the next level by showing you what the future entails using different scenario’s so that you can measure the impact of the decisions you make today…

On top of that, we work with you to measure a specific KPI (Key Performance Indicators) portfolio including non-financial metrics as these will sway the destiny of your business.. This will mean you get to focus and manage the areas of YOUR business that RESULT in the maximum impact.

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