Don’t just dream a dream – Plan it, Picture it, Post it!

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Date: 16th August 2019
Speaker: Patricia Buckland
Business: Debt Talk
Topic: Financial Literacy & Planning

Picture your dreams

How do you plan for your dreams and make them a financial reality?

How to Achieve your Financial Goals – 7 steps:

  1. Define your Goals : a new house? exotic holiday? early retirement?
  2. Passion Test your Goals: score from 1-10, where 1 = no passion, versus 10 = total passion
  3. Name your Goals: be specific and creative; rather than just ‘Holiday’, try ‘Turtle diving in the Caribbean’ (or whatever takes your fancy!)
  4. Time Stamp your Goals: set a date
  5. Picture your Goals: create a ‘mood board’, with printed pictures; place this board where you can see it daily, such as next to your desk or downloaded onto your screensaver
  6. Create sub-accounts: to allow you to save for your specific goal
  7. Automate your Success: set up a direct debit/automatic transfer to your sub-account so you don’t have to remember yourself


The 7-step method [above] was authored by a US psychologist (Dr Brad Klontz) and represents a tried and tested psychological technique – to achieve a goal (or a dream) you need to write it down and visualise it in order to commit to it.

“If you write it down, you make it forces you to focus…and opportunities will come into your life.”

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